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The USCG Auxiliary classic template offers the most flexibility to users. We offer two (2) designs, the DWT & XML formats. Below is more information on each topic. If you have questions, please review the website requirements checklist. We also strongly recommend you join our template user group.

If you are not sure what system is better for you please review the system system comparison list before deciding which system you would like to go with.

Classic Template Support

If you find your self ineed of help or support there are a few options, our first is to use the Register system below for our Template support group. This group is for all template users to ask question, see what's new, and find out about our updates!

Already registered then visit our support group here, otherwise

register an email address below for access to the USCGAUX AUXWeb Template group


DWT Template

The DWT template is the next step up in templates from WOW and is designed for tools supporting the creation of pages from a Dynamic Web Template (DWT) webpage. Examples of tools supporting the DWT include; Visual Studio, Expression Web and Dreamweaver. The header and left hand navigation is customized and developed in the DWT webpage in an editable regions format and are identified as a DWT webpage. Any additional pages are created from a DWT webpage, then the unique content is added.

The advantage of using a DWT template is that if changes are needed within the root files when the template is saved, all pages created from the root file are automatically updated with those files. This format saves time and energy when changes are needed to the site and especially when there are a moderate to high number of pages for the site.

CS officers can download the DWT Classic Template and its DWT Users Guide all in one simple click.

XML Template

The XML template is again the next step up in templates and is designed for sites that have or need a large number of pages (i.e. district websites).

This template supports two tier navigation systems where the template uses a separate file to dynamically create the left hand navigation. The left hand side navigation file is attached to every page when previewed in a web browser, just like the header and footer. This template can be used in many standard web development tools, such as visual studio and expressions web.

There is a requirement to know basic XML to use this template and should onlye be used on large sites.

CS officers can download the XML Classic Template and install all in one simple click.

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Page Updated: April 8, 2012
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