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Steps to Creating a New Website

Site Design Options

Auxiliary units have two (2) choices when contemplating building a new, or overhauling an obsolete, unit website. First is to create a classical website using the Auxiliary web server, or to buy space on a third party web server. Such a website, offers the highest level of creativity, control, size, and flexibility to the CS officer. Second is to create a CMS “pushbutton” site using the prototype (WOW) system. WOW allows units – even those without CS officers – to create very basic sites.

Hosting & Storage

Units constructing a classic website may have it hosted wherever they wish. However, any unit – flotilla, division or district – may have their site hosted on a National server, free of charge. Such sites, called “AIRS” sites (for Auxiliary Internet Resource Site), are configured on request via the National IT Group, following the procedure below, but are otherwise maintained by the individual units via a control panel. All AIRS sites and WOW sites are subject to storage limits of 15 megabytes (MB) for flotillas, 20 MB for divisions, and 25 MB for districts.

CS officers can either download a official auxiliary website template by clicking here or find there official WOW site by clicking here.

The basic CS officer process from appointment to Website approval

  1. The unit decides they need an Auxiliary Website.

  2. A CS officer is appointed. The CS officer needs to be listed as such in AuxData in order to.

  3. If a CS officer chooses to use WOW for their website (the wow product is a Content Management System “CMS” and meets all of the requirements for a USCG Auxiliary web site) then a CS officer can skip the next 3 steps. Any CS officer that intends to build a custom website MUST continue on to the next steps. At any time, any CS officer may choose to use either format.

  4. Then the CS officer notifies the DSO-CS**, by email requesting a web site and the DSO-CS will complete the online form requesting space on the national Web server which includes all the necessary information to complete the request (see the AIRS Site Request form.). Note: AIRS forms can only be completed and submitted by the DSO-CS.

  5. National staff will create space on the server and notified the DSO-CS via email, who in turn, passes on the access information to the Division or Flotilla CS officer.

  6. The CS officer builds the website. The site must be built following website requirements and along the way, the website must meet all of the website requirements to be approved. WOW sites must also meet these requirements to be used.

  7. The CS officer presents the new website to the unit. The unit shall vote to approves or disapproves the new website. Elected unit leadership have the final ruling website approval or disapproval. They also have final say of all content and may veto the vote if so required.

  8. The CS officer notifies the DSO-CS of approval. The DSO-CS reviews the site to determine if it meets all website requirements, and if it does, requests National to review using the site.

  9. The staff at national reviews the unit Website and either approves it or asks for corrections. If approved, national sends an email to the DSO-CS of the approval. The DSO-CS forwards this information back to the CS officer and adds this new site to any district website approved list.

  10. When approved, national adds the website to the list of approved websites and to the flotilla zip code search system..
Page Updated: April 8, 2012