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Compare Classic Templates & WOW

Classic WOW Comments
Ease of use Check Mark

Both site designs offer basic systems. WOW is a push button site that requires no knowledge of HTML. The Classic template requires basic working knowledge of HTML and DWT files.

Customizability Check Mark

The classic template offers higher levels of customization vs wow for CS staff who understand HTML or other languages

Web standards Check Mark Check Mark

Both systems must meet the standards of Auxiliary websites. All sites must also meet federal/Coast Guard requirements

Development tool required Check Mark

The classic template requires the user to have a copy of a development tool such as Expressions Web or Visual Studio.

Multi level navigation Check Mark Check Mark

The classic XML template offers a two level left menu for larger or complex sites. THE WOW platforms offers a three level left menu for larger or complex sites.

Built in Protected Pages & Protected Announcements Check Mark

WOW offers push button protected pages & announcements without any coding required. Template users can install security options, however users should know PHP prior to doing so.

Custom CSS Files Check Mark

The classic template offers CS officers the ability to create custom css files for custom colors and styles.

AIRS storage limit Check Mark

WOW sites must be hosted on AIRS. Classic templates can be hosted off of AIRS and as such the AIRS storage limit does not apply. However, sites on classic templates hosted on AIRS are subject to the limit authorized for their unit..

National Controlled Access Check Mark

WOW websites allow unit level FC, VFC, IPFC, and CS staff to edit the site as well as equivalent level offices above that unit level.

Page Updated: April 8, 2012