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About Auxiliary Website Platform Systems

Why do we use a Standard Platform?

Website platforms create a standardized layout & design creating a uniform appearance across the entire U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary online web presence. Platform usage is an effort by all of "Team Coast Guard." The U.S. Coast Guard started this process a few years ago and has now reached the Auxiliary.

Website Uniform Appearance

The U.S. Coast Guard has required all units to have the same appearance via a Content Management System (CMS). The Auxiliary is now enforcing the same standard.

"Team Coast Guard" is using a common layout, header, left menu appearance, footer and CSS file. Please let us, help you, by jumping on board, and setting sail in a new direction with a Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniformed Appearance Platform. One of the key items in a uniform appearance is the use of a global color pallet. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has set a standard layout and color pallet as seen on the national website site (department websites are not part of the national website). A copy of the master list of colors used in now available for all CS officers as an appendix to the Website Requirements & Policy Supplement.

Platform Options

A website platform is available for those units that would like to have an official website as part of Team Coast Guard. Web recognition and public awareness are key missions for the Auxiliary and through the internet the USCG Auxiliary has the opportunity to increases public awareness and provide a professional appearance.

Your unit can assist in this mission by using an official website via either the classical template or the WOW system. Sites who do not use a template or a WOW system will have a default WOW site setup and will be your official website for units.

Getting Started!

When you have reviewed all of the options, you may elect to use any of the links provided to visit the Classic Platform website or WOW Platform website. Each platforms website contains data unique to individual platform. This allows you, the CS officer, to view only information pertaining to the platform running your unit website.

Page Updated: April 8, 2012
Project Lead: Alex Belleque